Welcome to the Reaping of Gegg!

Gaze upon Gegg's true coporial form.

Gegg's origins are truly unknown, the only known thing about Gegg is that they are forever. The original entity that Gegg was under the protection of was Goop_Gooperson, found through Here. and Here

Gegg's true intentions are unknown. Gegg exists only for Gegg reasons, existing beyond all known layers of reality. Gegg may or may not be both the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son. Gegg is known to remove all evil from the world, creating an area of solace for humanity that remained unchanged for milenia. Gegg's original form was [REDACTED] but had to leave it behind due to an external conflict with Margret Thatcher, her picture here:

As for previous ememies Gegg has had many, but surpassed them all, some include:

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